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If you lose capacity to make decisions on your own, nobody can make decisions on your behalf unless you have made a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA). Most people think that their spouse can make choices for them and access their bank accounts, but without an LPA it simply can't happen.


If you don't have LPA's  you are risking putting your assets in the hands of the courts and decisions about your care in the hands of your Local Authority, both of these are best avoided.


Making an LPA is a simple, and relatively cheap process, with Costs from as little as £180 per person to advise on and draft the documents (note this does not include the government's registration fee for more details see our registration page).


You can make two types of Lasting Power of Attorney -


Personal Welfare - deals with issues around what care you might recieve.


Property and Finances - deals with your Bank Accounts, Bills, Investments and Property.

What is a Lasting Power of Attorney


Protect yourself with LPA's

Lasting Powers