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Property and Finance Lasting Powers of Attorney does what it says on the tin. It allows you to appoint someone (your Attorney) to look after your financial affairs and your property if you no longer have capacity to do so.


You appoint at least one Attorney but can appoint up to four, you say what they can or can't do on your behalf and if they must act jointly or individually. An attorney is bound by Law* to act in your best interests.


Broadly speaking an Attorney can pay your Bills, Run your Bank Account, Manage your Investments and maintain, manage or sell your property on your behalf.


If you don't have a LPA for Property and Finance your affairs could end up being supervised by the courts at considerable incovenience and cost to your family.


It can cost as little as £200 to put this important document in place so do it today.


* Mental Capacity Act 2005

Banks, Bills and Your Home


financial peace of mind

Property and Finance Lasting Powers of Attorney